Garnier Thiebaut - Kitchen

Discover the extremely creative 100% cotton kitchen towels from Garnier-Thiebaut: a large selection of cotton kitchen towels to dress your kitchen in the most beautiful way or to offer it to your hosts! Garnier-Thiebaut also offers an exclusive selection of unusual and colorful aprons for the kitchen.

Due to the presentation of the full range and the production by hand, you will be notified within 2 days if the delivery should take longer than 7 days.


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New Garnier Thiebaut - Kitchentowel - Brin de Poivre Pose

Product no.: 36689

17.95 *

New Garnier Thiebaut - Kitchentowel - Brin de The Vert

Product no.: 36691

17.95 *

New Garnier Thiebaut - Kitchentowel - Huile D'Olives Vert

Product no.: 39635

17.95 *

Garnier Thiebaut - Kitchentowel - Le Mais Jaune

Product no.: 35701

17.95 *
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Garnier Thiebaut - Dish Towels

Extravagante Geschirrtücher aus 100% Baumwolle oder aus reinen Leinen mit bezaubernden Motiven

Garnier Thiebaut - Aprons

Here you will find your chic and faithful companion in the kitchen. Aprons made of 100% cotton, with strong colors.