Garnier Thiebaut Tablecloth - Cassandre Saphir

Garnier Thiebaut Tablecloth - Cassandre Saphir

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Garnier Thiebaut - Tablecloth

White and blue porcelain, Renaissance style moldings ...
Controlled play of contrasts between elegance and modernity.

With the special Jaquard weaving technique and the high-quality workmanship, Garnier Thiebaut emphasizes the natural qualities of this noble cotton. It is particularly absorbent and hard-wearing, is particularly well suited for denier.

  • different sizes
  • Green Sweet coated
  • 100% cotton
  • high quality workmanship with 15 mm hem

Cotton is a natural fiber that can easily shrink after the first wash (about 5%).

Green Sweet coating

Green Sweet is a combination of a traditional manufacturing process and an ecological clear coat that keeps your laundry looking clean, fresh and attractive for a long time.

Green Sweet is a coating that you can not touch, just enough water to make the stain disappear.

  • please do not use softener
  • do not use rough sides of sponges and cleaning wipes (microfiber)
  • at 40°C in the machine

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