About Garnier Thiebaut

About Garnier Thiebaut


Garnier Thiebaut - France

Garnier Thiebaut - The collection of Garnier Thiebaut brings with her know how, the own style of playing with the fashion and the colors, positive energy to your home. From the table linen to the kitchen accessories, to the pleasant terry towels to the fine bed linen, Garnier Thiebaut offers you an atmospheric and well-rounded offer. Since 1833 Garnier Thiebaut weaves in the small idyllic village Kichompré, for you the most beautiful damask linen made of 100% cotton.

Garnier Thiebaut creates atmospheric patterns that immediately catch your eye. Whether tablecloths, table runners, aprons or by the meter, each collection shows a harmonically harmonious style for a cozy home. Within a short time we will produce the table linen that fits your dining table as you wish.

The different quality products can be adapted to your everyday life. The pure cotton that is used creates a pleasant sensation.

You have the choice between a variety of different models that you can choose to match your interior. Garnier Thiebaut has designed stylish patterns for every taste. Which one will be your favorite?