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See all the latest products from Garnier Thiebaut! Noble fabrics, patterns and colours inspire and bring elegance, happiness and extravagance to your kitchen, garden or bathroom! Orginial woven and high quality manufactured in France.

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Garnier Thiebaut facecloth - ELEA

Product no.: 362_ELEA

from 6.60 *

Garnier Thiebaut Pillowcase - Mille Couronnes

Product no.: 3574_Kissenbezug

from 27.70 *

Garnier Thiebaut Pillowcase - Mille Twist

Product no.: 3571_Kissenbezug

from 29.30 *

Garnier Thiebaut Tablecloth - Chateau de Cartes

Product no.: 3622_Tischdecke

from 227.00 *

Garnier Thiebaut Tablecloth - Mille Couleurs Pivoine

Product no.: 358_Tischdecke_Mille Couleurs

from 40.30 *
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