Table Linen


Garnier Thiebaut - Table Linen

To set the perfect table for friends, family or a romantic dinner, choose quality and creativity: The Garnier-Thiebaut table linen with over 180 years of expertise is characterized by innovation and exceptional jacquard linen (damask), which is used in Heart of the workshops in the Vosges.

Due to the presentation of the full range and the production by hand, you will be notified within 2 days if the delivery should take longer than 7 days.


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Garnier Thiebaut - Tablecloths

The perfect opportunity for tea or coffee to shine your table. With the Garnier Thiebaut tablecloths they set a colorful accent.

​Garnier Thiebaut - Table Runners

The perfect opportunity to make your table shine. With the Garnier Thiebaut table runners they set color accents.

Garnier Thiebaut - Table Sets

To match the individual tablecloths you will find the table sets here.