Garnier Thiebaut - Mille Couleurs Soleil by the meter - LINED

Garnier Thiebaut - Mille Couleurs Soleil by the meter - LINED

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Garnier Thiebaut - Mille Couleurs Soleil by the meter - Lined

The Mille Couleurs collection delivers fireworks, colorful ornaments and and electrifying color accents. The night is young and the dreams of the elves lead us into a swirl of stars, moons, suns and other celestial constellations with all their manifestations and colors.

Attention: For each side, deduct 3 cm for the hem from the final measurement.

100% Cotton, Width: 185 cm. Simple and easy to use daily. Simply wipe it off with a weg sponge or cloth.

  • Wipe the tablecloth with a non abrasive sponge wihtout rubbing neither scrachinf
  • In case of strong stains, clean immediatly with hot water on the sponge. Do not add an detergent
  • Exceptionally, use washing-machine (30°C). No softener, no spin drying
  • Never use drying-machine
  • Iron on the back-side with a hot launding iron

Please note: Individually tailored and manufactured goods are excluded from the exchange.

Due to the representation of the full range and the manufacturing by hand, you will be notified within 2 days, the delivery should take more than 7 days.


Due to the hemming on all sides of the meter, please note that the final size of each side is reduced by 3 cm.

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